RTC – Research Technology Collaborative

Designed for the Science and Research Community – to deliver Simplicity, Speed and Scale. The RTC empowers best practices, best outcomes and collective buying power.

The need for more power is now

We understand that scientists and researchers face huge increases in compute and data demands with ever decreasing budgets. We recognise also that many points of concurrence exist between organisations both in knowledge they collate, and the enormity of the data management and storage challenge entailed in curating and exploiting that knowledge.

On behalf of its members, the RTC aims to explore and exploit the endless possibilities that arise from these overlaps; for synergy, economies of scale, and opportunities to work as a community for mutual benefit.

A collaborative organisation representing the interests of the RTC across a vast technology dependent community, will attract huge stature and status from our strategic partners. This will be a powerful factor when negotiating commercials and maximising on project budgets for all members.

Combined influence and insight

The RTC team have long-standing relationships with some of the world’s leading technology partners. Through this network, RTC members will enjoy direct access to key people within each organisation providing an easy conduit through to the RTC to share not only attractive commercials but also use cases, references, knowledge and valuable insights.  

Sharing resources and collective outcomes

Collaborative research, involving co-ordination between researchers, institutions, organisations, and/or communities can bring distinct expertise to any given project and this collaborative approach enhances the capabilities for exchanging ideas, sharing new discoveries, attaining higher quality results, and acquiring many new skills. By combining expertise and resources we can answer bigger and more complex scientific questions and expand the breadth of knowledge to all members.

We work with numerous government-approved frameworks ensuring that we deliver sustainable solutions which address the need for good governance.

Collaboration can save a huge amount of time and money but more importantly, do more with research for all its stakeholders.

  • Establishing channels for open communication with all members, leveraging the huge resources available that can be shared and utilised – collective consistent discounts, price parity, and direct access to technical expertise.
  • Engaging all partners and members providing valuable feedback where improvements can be made. Our aim is to ensure that all solutions meet the demands and exceeds the expectations of all researchers and organisations.
  • Creating a professional environment and bringing together all facets of expertise and experience to achieve common objectives. Open forums, discussions and knowledge transfer on top of favourable commercials, all become more effective within the RTC.
The RTC is free to join; no financial commitment or any obligation.

The RTC brings together some of the most influential technology providers in the world who can handle the I.T demands of the scientific and research communities. We only select technology partners who embrace the ethos of the RTC and who can work collaboratively and complimentary with others. Our partners are fully aware of the extent and breadth of the research community and will ensure that the best commercial offerings are available for all members.