e-Cloud Enablement & Connectivity Solutions

Excotek e-cloud hosting solutions allows you to choose a platform that provides your business with a dedicated environment tailored to your specific requirements. The architecture allows you to select from a range of options: from cost-effective solutions based on shared components, to fully dedicated High Availability solutions with synchronous replication between data centres.

We design your private cloud hosting solution with high performance, reliability, scalability, built-in from the start. Security and control is delivered using dedicated hardware and the latest components from Tier 1 technology providers.

Key Features:

  • Fully secure, encrypted and resilient
  • Scales with business requirements
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Scalable High Availability options ranging from redundant hosts through to multiple DC solutions
  • Can connect seamlessly with internal systems
  • Can connect seamlessly with the Hyper-Cloud
  • Managed by vendor-certified experts
  • Global deployment options
  • Fully managed and supported 24/7/365

The Benefits of Private e-Cloud

Our single-tenant managed private cloud solutions are fully secure, encrypted, resilient and hosted within our secure data centres. With separation between the network, computer and storage layers, they are best suited to workloads and data that have demanding compliance, regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.

Powered by VMware virtual machines, they can connect seamlessly with your internal systems and the public cloud of your choice to create a hybrid cloud environment that can scale to provide the cloud computing resources you need.

So, your business always has the dedicated resources it needs.

Why Choose Excotek for your Managed Private Cloud?

As a highly accredited cloud company, you can be assured that when you choose hosting from Excotek, you’re in very safe hands.

We offer a wide range of managed private clouds, from simple applications to highly resilient hybrid cloud environments. These services are designed, deployed and managed with security as a priority and can be augmented with our Managed Security Service.

All hosting solutions are deployed within Accredited Data Centres which are located throughout the UK and connected by our dedicated fibre ring.

By choosing private cloud hosting from Excotek, you can concentrate on tasks that provide real business value, while being completely assured that your critical business systems are managed, protected, and monitored by us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

e- location

Our colocation service allows you to host your compute, storage and network hardware within our highly resilient data centres. Select the colocation site that best suits your requirements from our carrier neutral, Tier II and Tier III ISO accredited data centres located across the UK.


You might need a production site that is nearby for convenient access to your equipment, or a secondary site that is geographically distant to provide protection for your primary site. The importance of the systems may also determine the type of facility you require – Tier III for mission-critical, lower cost Tier II for other systems. Other factors around power and connectivity will also be a consideration.


We work with you to identify the most appropriate facility to meet your requirements.


Key Features:

  • Tier II and Tier III+ aligned data centre options
  • UK and global locations
  • Resilient power delivered on a per cabinet basis
  • Enhanced security options to aid compliance
  • Range of WAN connectivity options
  • On-site Remote Hands service to undertake physical tasks

e-Cloud IAAS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Excotek delivers raw compute and storage so you can create the platforms to deliver your services.

If you need full access to system resources and you need these resources running in a highly resilient highly secure environment with access to power and bandwidth, then IaaS is the solution. We provide cost-effective solutions with quick deployment, all backed by robust Service Level Agreements.

IaaS options:

Pre-built Dedicated Servers

Have the operating system installed in minutes by our instant provisioning system. Choose RAID configurations, operating system, control panel software, and we automatically provision it.

Custom Dedicated Servers

Deliver flexible server specifications for greater RAM and additional disk storage across a range of chassis options for complete control over the server specifications.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated hardware
  • Automatic deployment
  • Flexible specifications
  • Scalable solutions
  • Supports compute-intensive applications
  • Supports Big Data applications
  • Supports High Bandwidth applications
  • Built in secure, highly resilient ISO accredited data centres
  • Cost efficient

e-Cloud BaaS and DRaaS

You need to keep your business running, no matter what happens. With Backup as a Service (BaaS), your off-site data backups are always safe. With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), copies of your production servers are in a ready-to-go state. Even if your data or critical systems are compromised and access to your hardware and applications is lost, our combined BaaS and DRaaS solution will have you up and running in no time — all hosted in our UK data centres. This means your data never leaves the UK.


e-Cloud BAAS protects more than 20 platforms and incorporates the backup industry’s most advanced anti-ransomware technology, safeguarding data and systems in any environment – physical or virtualized, on-premises or in the cloud. As a turnkey SaaS based solution, it is as seamless to deploy as it is to manage and does not add complexity to any IT infrastructure – having almost no impact on system performance.


With e-Cyber cloud, eXcotek can offer a complete suite of data protection products from data backup and disaster recovery to AI-based malware protection, remote desktop management and security—protecting your business from all angles.


e-Cloud Exchange

Giving you access to multiple public cloud providers, e-Cloud Exchange lets you connect to your platform of choice without needing discrete connectivity or traversing the public internet.



  • Private connection – Direct route into the leading public cloud providers
  • Single Network Provider – One provider for voice, data, private and public clouds
  • Public Cloud Variety – Give your customers the choice of AWS, Azure, Office 365 and Google Cloud
  • Flexible – Easily swap between public cloud providers
  • Simple – Connection as simple as adding another site to your MPLS network
  • Variable Bandwidths – Available* available from 50Mb to 10Gb

Excotek Benefits:

  • Resilience – Built to be inherently resilient delivered over two physically separate links
  • Increase Agility – Quickly deploy private access to an ever-expanding range of platforms
  • Upskilling Workforces – Provision of sales and technical training for employees
  • eXcotek Network – Access to the most advanced network in the UK

Behind the cloud – Excotek e-Connectivity Solutions

With direct access to the UK’s largest business-only network, we get that having a fast, secure and reliable route to the internet is business-critical, 24/7.


Our connectivity products have been developed to provide our clients the solutions they need today, in a way that is scalable to meet the demands of tomorrow. Offering high capacity solutions with cutting edge security and performance guaranteed.


Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of individual businesses. Our clients benefit from:

  • A software-defined network that delivers services 10 working days faster than the market
  • The option of Layer 2 and Layer 3 solutions
  • Real-time control of their solutions via e-Portal
  • The ability to define their own service propositions
  • Value-added capabilities like firewalls

Get custom-built connectivity solutions

MPLS and Internet

We provide MPLS and Internet Access solutions through one integrated network and supplier via Fibre Ethernet, EoFTTC, FTTP, Cellular Ethernet Broadband, FTTC and ADSL.

Wires-only Internet Access (SD-WAN Connect)

This Layer 3 internet service has fixed IP addressing assigned in the core of our network for a partner to deploy an SD-WAN controller on a customer site without the need for additional routing CPE.

Layer 2 Solutions

Our Layer 2 solutions deliver data connectivity directly from a customer premise back to your core network to provide your own internet access and value-add services.

Managed SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solution provides unprecedented control and visibility over how a network is behaving and what interventions might be required when it’s not performing as planned.


A dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth service delivered on uncontended fibre access at speeds from 10Mb up to 10Gb.

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet)

An Ethernet-style service delivered via superfast broadband with symmetric traffic, where upload and download speeds are the same. EoFTTC provides access to the full range of our SDN features.

FTTP (Fibre to the Premise)

Full fibre delivered straight to your business premise. FTTP delivers a rapid fibre-optic connection directly from the exchange, enhancing service speeds and network reliability.

Broadband FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Offering download speeds of up to 80Mb, and uploads of up to 20Mb, Broadband FTTC is a contended product that may be impacted by network congestion at peak times.

Cellular Ethernet

A quick, easy to deploy, secure alternative to wired connectivity. All network traffic is delivered privately back to our network via discrete interconnects, removing the need for VPN’s.


This business-grade solution offers download speeds of up to 24Mb with quick and efficient implementation—most commonly used as a backup product.