e-Cycle Inventory Management

Excotek offers as part of our e-Cycle solutions portfolio, a full inventory reporting service of both live and commissioned environments. With the constant change in technology and subsequent equipment upgrades, it is easy to lose track of an IT asset.

We will help you stay on track, to enable you to evaluate total cost of ownership and to plan future IT requirements.

We will help you manage your inventory by providing a comprehensive detailed reporting of what you own, its end-of-life cycle, where they are located and for decommissioned equipment, a rating on cosmetic conditions, which would aid valuation.

Detailed reports are prepared and provided to the customer within five working days; and are based on a full and detailed inventory performed on customers’ IT assets. 

During our evaluation, we consider that evaluation on live environments need to be conducted with as minimal disruption as possible; IT assets in live environments are recorded at unit levels and decommissioned equipment will be broken down into component detail.

Equipment Residual Valuation

Knowing what you have is useful information but knowing what it’s worth is good business.

Most IT equipment have value, whether by intelligent reuse to prolong its life cycle or broken down into various components for recycling. Excotek will evaluate your technology assets and provide a valuation report based on current market trends. Our comprehensive valuation report will give your business a greater understanding of its IT investment, current trade and depreciation values, making it easier to manage as well as budget for future IT investments.

Excotek utilize an extensive network of global partners to gain an indicative second user price for end-of-life data centre equipment.

Decommission and Recovery

Even properly maintained IT equipment deteriorates.

As stakeholders know, there is more to simply removing old equipment from the premises. The logistics of data security, migration of data and physical removal of assets need to be expertly and responsibly undertaken.

Excotek’s decommissioning and recovery services improve the overall life cycle of IT assets by maximising equipment maintainability, performance and energy conservation while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Upon the customer’s acceptance of written recommendations, our engineers will carefully commence the decommissioning and recover process, ensuring high quality handling of equipment and working quickly and efficiently to minimise disruptions to operations during working hours.

All equipment destined for removal is disposed of in full compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

Decommissioning and recovery management are critical for many reasons and the benefits are many, enabling businesses to accurately assess IT assets, while identifying how the operational, efficiency and functionality of those assets are meeting the needs of the business.

Decommissioning and recovery measures equipment performance; helps achieve optimal performance of systems; is a quality assurance process that provides a strategic plan to ensure proper maintenance; and finally, it provides documentation and proof that businesses are complying with WEEE Regulations and other government policies on protecting the environment.

Secure Data Destruction

  • Absolute peace of mind
  • On-site risk assessment
  • 100% removal of your data – right in front of your eyes.

Protecting data is a top priority for business. When disposing of old IT equipment, businesses must take steps to remove all confidential information from hard drives and other storage devices. Simple file deletion or reformatting does not delete data contained on these devices; it merely removes the tag pointing to the whereabouts of the data, making it easy to relocate with basic and easily accessible software.

Excotek conducts an initial site survey in order to produce a detailed report of all IT equipment that store data, as well as provide risk assessment recommendations and technical requirements. For all permanent data erasures, we use Blancco Data Cleaner (BDC)*.

Finally, we submit a full audit of every data bearing device erased, providing our clients with certification of the data removal. The hard drives are then reusable for safe remarketing.

Our solution guarantees 100% secure cleaning of the hard drive and supports 2 of the most recognized international erasure standards including the U.S DOD 5220.22-M and HMG Infosec No. 5.

*The Blancco Data Cleaner (BDC) provides clients with a government approved on-site data deletion service in line with CESG Infosec Standard 5, U.S. DOD 5220.22-M and HMG Infosec No. 5. BDC is the only fully approved Infosec Data Erasure solution. Data erased made by BDC is unrecoverable using existing technology and is 100% secure for purging and erasing to the highest security requirements, including “Secret” and “Top Secret” classified material. BDC is the preferred choice of Military, Defence, Police and Banking Organisations around the world.


Excotek will help businesses maximise their IT assets and earn a revenue stream from old IT equipment.

We can help you to maximise your assets and earn revenue from your end-of-use IT equipment.

Even when IT equipment comes to the end of its useful life in your business operations, it still has market value, provided it can be refurbished, resold or redeployed. These options can help offset equipment depreciation and could wholly, or partially, fund new equipment purchases through Excotek’s e-Flex finance solutions.

We will provide the expertise to test, clean, audit and refurbish old equipment that fall within the above categories to ensure the highest remarket value possible.

WEEE Compliant Recycling

Excotek is fully compliant with all relevant Government regulations concerning the disposal of electronic equipment.

Eventually, IT equipment needs replacing and unfortunately, an unaccountable number of e-waste continues to end up in landfills. WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is the fastest growing steam in the UK; in 2007-2010, 22,618,088 tonnes of non-household WEEE were collected by Producer Compliance Schemes and members.

Excotek aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment going to landfill by encouraging increased refurbishment, re-use and finally safe disposal. We are fully knowledgeable of Government regulations concerning the disposal of electronic equipment, helping to ensure that businesses are fully compliant with WEEE Regulations.

Our working processes and proven expertise in WEEE Recycling provide customers with peace of mind that all IT equipment are handled correctly and disposed of legally without the risk of unethical practices such as land filling or fly tipping, with a full audit trail that can be examined and proven from consignment down to item level.