Infrastructure Services


Our rich history of procurement and logistics coupled with in-house technical excellence eradicates lengthy lead times. Experts in deployment, we have a demonstrable track record of supplying high performance and resilient solutions, be it Servers, HPC, Storage or Networking. Our team of highly skilled engineers ensure that each project is built and configured to the highest standards. From planning through to completion, we pride ourselves on our “select” partner eco-system which combined, have some of the highest levels on industry experience available.

Imaging & Scripting

Loading custom images for workstations and portable products bogs down your technical staff, reducing efficiency. eXcotek offers custom imaging solutions designed to fit your exact needs. You’ll receive your workstations, laptops, tablets, and thin clients ready to deploy in the field. New employees will ramp up more quickly and your current employees will achieve new levels of productivity with their refreshed computer that is ready-to-go, containing the same familiar applications and productivity tools. Creating an “out of box” experience that is customised is critical in what we strive to provide our clients with.

eXcotek can provide gold-standard custom imaging and scripting services including the following:

  • Deploy custom operating system images on multiple device types.
  • Help design your business’ custom OS image on multiple device types.
  • Supply device types including laptops, desktops, servers, and tablets.
  • Maintain your custom imaging solution.

Additional technical configuration needs can be added including loading IPs, naming and labelling servers, and configuring any logical components of a solution stack.

Big Data

Maximise return and investment from your Data.

In today’s world every type of business is embracing digital change. Data is a major driver in business transformation and innovation. Many types of unstructured data, be it, research, finance, digital media, or massive data sets is more increasingly common, whether on-prem or somewhere in the cloud. eXcotek partner with world class technology vendors to deliver solutions that can help you realise the value of your data. Simplicity, speed and scalability are fundamental to gaining lightning-fast insights into your data. Our solutions are secure, robust, and protected – giving you the peace of mind for many years ahead and throughout its lifecycle.

Maintenance & Support e-Care

eXcotek provides a comprehensive suite of support offerings, delivering outstanding services to our clients with speed and efficiency 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our support team encompasses fully certified field-based technicians reaching across all major vendors and technologies to provide efficient problem resolution. With almost 20 years’ experience providing hardware and software maintenance, we have the capability to support all leading vendors including Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

eXcotek’s e-Care service is a scalable, responsive extension to an organisation’s own IT function that seamlessly augments in-house technical support services for businesses of all sizes. It is often used to provide technical assistance and expertise for specialist products or on an ad-hoc basis, supporting IT departments that may have insufficient resources or capabilities. Our technical team can be called upon as and when required to ensure that any downtime or disruption is kept to an absolute minimum – ultimately reducing financial implications.