Export Compliant


Export Compliant

Global agility

In addition to our JOSCAR Accreditation and ISO 9001 Certification, Excotek hold and obtain the relevant licences required for shipments worldwide.

Confident reliance on a partner to get things done on your behalf, to and in any location that’s critical to your business, means knowing they can operate seamlessly, and present all necessary documentation at each step of the way – prepared, approved, and strictly in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the country you may be importing IT equipment to. Excotek has the necessary skills and approval to do just that.

You’re good to go, with Excotek

Speed is core to your business growth and it’s central to the services we provide in enabling that growth. Is there any alternative?

Perhaps there is; preparing the essential documentation and special licenses required of so much technical equipment (when categorised as dual-use), and inaugurating an Importer of Record capability wherever you operate.

It’s close to impossible and it’s complex. Do you have the time, inclination, and resources to plunge into the nuanced and confusing world of logistics documentation; confident in the knowledge that you’ll get everything right?

Wouldn’t you rather, sooner, just know that it’s all taken care of? Excotek’s combination of global logistics and technical experience, together with our services relating to obtaining export licences in accordance with the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for the goods, provide an international passport to global project success.

Excotek are JOSCAR and ISO 9001 accredited, and export compliant