Excotek delivers global deployment of 900 Lenovo laptops to 17 countries across three continents. 

Lenovo Deployment

Our mission here at Excotek is to bring people and technology together, wherever they are in the world. That means providing the global delivery of IT solutions at scale and at pace, especially for organisations with dispersed IT infrastructures and employees. Over the years, we’ve delivered many global deployments and our latest project saw us work closely with Lenovo to deploy 900 customised Lenovo laptops to over 17 countries across three continents for a large worldwide organisation.

To meet the unique specifications and compliance standards of the different regions, each Lenovo laptop was configured to order, coming with localised keyboards and power supplies to comply with the regulatory requirements of each country. This level of customisation ensured that every device not only adhered to local regulations and standards but was also tailored to meet the individual needs of the end-users.

Leveraging our extensive supply chain network of local partners and logistics experts on the ground was absolutely key to the success of this deployment process. By synchronising our efforts in each country and bringing our years of export expertise into play, we provided an agile and efficient service to ensure the laptops were delivered to the client’s locations on time despite time zone challenges, customs regulations and logistical complexities.

In instances where expected timeframes didn’t work for the client, we took an agile approach on behalf of our customer to source devices in-country within days. This rapid response capability was made possible through our long standing global supply chain network and close strategic partnerships with vendors and distributors worldwide. By having contingency plans in place and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, we were able to overcome any potential obstacles and deliver a seamless global deployment process.

The successful delivery of this global deployment not only showcases our operational excellence but also highlights our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to exceed expectations and deliver value to our client as their trusted technology partner. With the Middle East and Africa stages of deployment still to follow in another 10 countries, another two continents, we look forward to continuing to deliver innovative IT infrastructure solutions on the global stage.

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Neil Kerry
Head of Public Sector
Lenovo Laptop Deployment
May 28, 2024
2 mins
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