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Seven global locations: Servers configured, delivered, and installed in days, not weeks.

The global logistics challenge

Global IT logistics projects tend to fall into two timing categories. They’re either planned, as part of a programmed rollout, or they’re responsive and undertaken to solve an urgent problem. In either situation, certain skills are required that do not always happen to sit within internal teams. The process of exporting equipment can have a significant impact on the delivery schedule.

Different import regulations, language problems, local laws, and varying degrees of stringent rules – when it comes to arriving in-country with technical equipment – all add a layer of issues to resolve; invariably they’re not standard issues, and often they’re something a company may not have come across before in the normal course of its business.

These variations are becoming more diverse. It takes time not only to understand them but also to ensure compliance. Here’s the story of how Excotek solved an entire catalogue of potential problems in a multi-destination server fulfilment project.

The challenge: Worldwide engineering and logistics, at a pace

One of the UK’s largest technology and supplies/IT resellers, outlined their problem to Excotek. It was a global logistics issue that needed to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Two servers needed to be delivered to each of nine different locations, in seven countries.

Our customer’s client was one of the world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers. Embarked on the next major phase of its own digital transformation programme, the client company needed to bring its locations in seven different countries up to date simultaneously.

Our client had explored the possibilities of fulfilling the requirement – getting the equipment through the export-import process, delivering and installing onsite – but had found that it could take anything up to six weeks.

Protracted phases of any global logistics project – filling in forms, gaining relevant approvals, contacting numerous specialist in-house departments to ascertain resource availability and, then, trying to sort out the various export licences for each country – can draw out the time to deployment to a level that any end-client would find unacceptable.

The Excotek solution: Every location satisfied

Excotek provided a quote which included taking care of every detail of the complex paperwork and bureaucracy side of the exercise and sending an engineer to each location ready to de-box and install the servers.

The map of the nine target locations in seven countries criss-crossed the globe: Brazil; Beijing, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, the UK (two locations); and the USA (two locations).

The initial request was to despatch the servers from the UK and then rack and stack the two servers at each location. In discussion with our client, however, it became apparent that the servers would also require configuration on site. Accordingly, we prepared a statement of works for each engineer at each of the nine locations.

The flexibility to resolve onsite issues as they arise, anywhere in the world

  • The logistics complexities: Excotek brings many years of global logistics experience to every project. Intrinsic to this experience is knowing what to comply with; what licences are required and what the likely hurdles are that may be encountered along the way. We work with a global network of in-country logistics specialists who attend to any problem arising.
  • The engineering requirement: Excotek can do this on the basis of a global network we have built over the years; trained people we have worked with time and time again. They are there for Excotek and our clients when we need them to be. They not only understand the task in hand but can also respond to any unforeseen event. One such event arose in one of the locations…

Our customer’s client had inadvertently locked the servers that we’d delivered from the UK in a secure room. The keyholder was not available. Our contracted engineer arranged for an alternative call-back time, when the server was installed. Our in-country engineers know that they represent Excotek when they’re engaged on a project. They never let us down.

The result: Excotek turned the complications of an international infrastructure program into a smoothly managed and delivered multi-destination server fulfilment project. Relieving our customers worries and delivering on their promises.

If you can see complexities looming in your global logistics requirements, from fulfilment to delivery and installation, or server configuration, give us a call +44 (0) 1254 377899. We’ll make the whole thing simple.

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Steve Minshull
General Manager
Feb 25, 2020
5 min read
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